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Kai Greene Triceps Workout Tips

17 Février 2017 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

Kai Greene triceps workout

Kai Greene triceps workout

Kai Greene Just published a great tips on his own instagram, and giving a great tips about getting a bigger triceps:

The most well rounded people have allowed themselves to have very diverse experiences. A well rounded physique develops from a diverse training program.

Everyone does tricep pushdowns to get their tricep to grow.

Not many take the time to train all angles of a pushdown. Diversifying the angles causes more focus on each head of the tricep.

Your body adapts to the stimuli you expose it to. For continued growth, changing the stimuli is imperative.

Having a program with vast diversity in movements, sets, reps, load and intensity throughout each phase is going to be a key to your success.

When performing a tricep push down most people stop with their elbow bent 90 degrees. This is to maintain tension on the muscle through the whole rep.

Unfortunately this is not going to help develop a full tricep. The tricep may begin to lose tension beyond 90 degree elbow bend.

However, full range of motion must be trained in order to achieve strength and muscle development. Why should the tricep push down be any different from the squat or the bench press? Use full ROM.

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