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Bodybuilding Word


5 Juillet 2017 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord



Perhaps the most universal of all physique goals includes a burning desire to get bigger arms. After all, nothing screams masculinity (or in some cases, powerful femininity, ladies) louder than a pair of shredded, veiny, and bulging arms. As with anything worth having, BIG arms require persistence and a methodological approach. Luckily, I have great news for you. You know all those marketable advertisements and ‘secrets’ of the pros? Forget ‘em! There are no secrets when it comes to anything in physique enhancement especially not when it comes to blasting arms. So, where does that leave us? We’ve eliminated the ‘secrets’ only to leave behind the sweet ol’ principles we like to call the fundamentals. That’s right; we’re going back to the basics, boys and girls.

Foremost, let’s consider when to train arms. Do you split them up? Devote a day to both triceps and biceps together? If not, which body part(s) are ideal to pair them with? The answers largely depend on your training regimen. Keep in mind, volume can be increased as can frequency when devoting a separate day to arms. From a nutritional and hormonal standpoint, however, an argument can be made for pairing biceps and triceps with their functional protagonists (e.g. biceps with back). Take a look at your current volume/frequency and see which best fits your current protocol. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see which works best for you.

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A second point to remember is the importance of form as well as intention . Exercise variations are only applicable if proper biomechanics are applied. In simple terms: if you’re not using proper form, you’re wasting your time! Variance between dumbbells, cables, and barbells is essentially irrelevant unless every rep is performed the same and each of the movement patterns particular to that exercise are followed. Always remember: changes in movements DO NOT affect the shape of a muscle. You can do concentration curls until you’re blue in the face; it won’t change the attachments or shape of your bicep.

Lastly, it’s imperative that we consider which of the countless exercises we will perform with an intelligent approach.

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