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Bodybuilding Word

William Bonac - Road To success

4 Février 2017 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

William Bonac bodybuilding

William Bonac bodybuilding

As I've been doing posts on a young @ronniecoleman8 for the last couple days my mind has kept going to @william_bonac. Those beautiful muscle bellies and muscular proportions on William are not dissimilar to the young King's! By the time Ronnie was Mr. Olympia he'd been in the game a number of years. By 1998 and 1999 (my favorite Ronnie Physiques) there was a degree of muscle maturity that made those beautiful muscle bellies, combined with tremendous conditioning, simply unbeatable!
In 2016 William reached a similar level of excellence to my eyes. I know 2017 will be even more amazing! He's working tirelessly with his trainer and dear friend @neil_yoda_hill1 to achieve an amazing look! Neil's Y3T training methods are key! I subscribe to Neil's free daily emails and they are VERY eye opening! It's amazing that the knowledge of Neil, the man who has helped William become 5th at the Olympia and helped bring the great @flex_lewis to 5 (and counting) 212 Olympia Championships, is actually at the public's beck and call for FREE! 
MY free advice to everyone who reads this is, if you think William and Flex look amazing, go to @neil_yoda_hill1's page and click on the link in his bio...it's simple, and is absolutely hassle free!
I won't be able to drag you to the gym and actually make you follow his free advice...I can just tell you where to find it!

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