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Bodybuilding Word

Roger Snipes Motivation

16 Février 2017 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

Roger Snipes Motivation

Roger Snipes Motivation

Recent publication on Roger Snipes instagram.


"Stand firm in your vision".
I recently watched a few documentaries on Billionaires. One of them being Bill Gates and the other being Mark Zuckerberg. They both were very intelligent people and they both went to Harvard University. Both of these 2 individuals left one of the most prestigious universities in the world to pursue there passion and vision. 
Most people at this stage would call them stupid or crazy but the most intriguing part of there journey wasn't even that for me. 
They were offered up to 1 billion to sell up what they had built and pass over ownership to a new CEO. This was way before they reached the financial status in which they are at right now. Can you imagine how hard that would be to turn down such an offer? I'm already envisioning laying on a hammock having my toe tails filed whilst sipping protein shake in a cocktail glass.....mmmm what are we talking about again ? Oh yes....
Some people have fitness goals and they are far off the scale (literally) where they want to be but the moment they are faced with a nice offer they trade it in for a Krispy Kreme donut or Nutella. That's almost the equivalent of Zuckerberg selling up for $100k. It's selling yourself short. For the sake of a temporary thrill. 
If you invest long enough in your body and you believe in that vision you will realise that trade ins are available at your disposal on every corner. But you didn't spend all this time to build your empire to give it up.

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