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Jay Cutler on Arnold Classic 2002

26 Février 2017 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

Jay Cutler on Arnold Classic

Jay Cutler on Arnold Classic

This is @jaycutler winning the 2002 @arnoldsports Classic. At about 5'9" and 270-273 pounds on stage Jay presented one of the most unbeatable physiques of all time that weekend. How many near 275 pounders have competed with not only zero stomach distention but also unbelievably deeply cut abs?!?! I think the answer is 1. Jay Cutler. He was a mile wide and super shredded. When one considers the physique he brought to this show as well as the following year's Arnold...and considers the quality of the Top 2 of the 2002 Olympia...it is crystal clear that had Jay chosen to compete in the 2002 Olympia there would have been no way he could have been denied the title as he had been in 2001.
But there's really no point in "what could have been", especially when "what actually was" is so worth celebrating. 

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The 2002 Arnold Classic was Jay's first of 3 consecutive wins at the big Columbus show. No one has achieved that before or since. That fact, plus his 10 Top 2 Olympia finishes, including 4 times winning the Mr. Olympia title, makes Jay one of (if not THE) greatest to have ever done the damn thing!

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