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Bodybuilding Word

Jay cutler Old Pic

4 Février 2017 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

Jay cutler Old Pic

Here's an iconic photo by the talented @perbernalphoto of a young @jaycutler. I love this photo. It's like he's looking into the future seeing the Sandow Trophies on his mantlepiece and planning his path before him.
Chronologically, Jay is the 5th man in the Top 6 of the Official @this_is_bodybuilding List of the Top 40 Bodybuilders of All Time. I've covered Arnold @schwarzenegger, @lee_haney_official, @thedorianyates and @ronniecoleman8 already. Today its Jay's turn. Tomorrow I will finish Jay's profile if I don't compete it today, and then move onto the final "competitor" in the Top 6, our 6X reigning Mr. Olympia @philheath.
Wednesday will be #WCW with me taking a break from the Top 40 series. Thursday will be THE day! I will do a recap of the Top 6 and then BOOM...the order will be revealed!
So sit tight, and enjoy a Day of Jay!!!

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