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Bodybuilding Word

Inside The Shadow - Dorian Yates

22 Février 2017 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates

Who are you? What defines you? 
We have the ability to create ourselves. To shape who we are. Everything we want to achieve all begins in our minds. We control the actions we take to achieve these goals. Often times, as the goals are achieved we stop defining ourselves...and we let these accomplishments define us. We become what we've done. Even worse, we can sometimes perceive ourselves to be or accomplishments and our FAILURES. And we can become stuck. As @thedorianyates says in the @londonrealtv's documentary Inside The Shadow, we become crystallized.
Watching the film I began to identify very closely to Dorian. No, I'm not a 6 time Mr. Olympia or former World Champion of any kind. But there was a time years ago when I was living a life that was deeply rewarding as I achieved great things in a chosen field. Those days are gone for reasons unimportant here. But as I watched the film I realized that a very deeply seeded part of my brain was stuck there. The thing I defined myself as had passed...yet I was still living there. Stuck in a place of mourning at its passing. The passing of my own self created identity. An identity that no longer positively serves me.
The glorious thing about self invention is that the process is ongoing. Who we are is always up to us. The past isn't meant to hold us there, but to move us forward. 
What defines who I am? I alone.
And the future is going to be brilliant.
Thank you Dorian and Brian. I'm sure everyone who watches Inside The Shadow will take something away from it. It was definitely a film which I needed.

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