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Bodybuilding Word

Dorian Yates "The Shadow"

4 Février 2017 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates

Let's talk about the dorian yates, Dominance/Prominence of his Era. No one and I repeat NO ONE has been more dominant as a professional Bodybuilder ever. Dorian entered 17 pro shows. He won 15 of them. The other 2 (his 1990 Night of Champions pro debut and his 1991 Olympia debut) ended with 2nd place finishes!!!
Let's talk about his 6 Olympia wins. In 1992 he had good competition in the forms of Kevin Levrone and Lee Labrada, who were both amazingly good that night! But Yates was on, and though not as big as he'd be in 1993, he was still BIG and tremendously conditioned...and from the back there was just no beating him!
In 1993, no matter how good Flex Wheeler was...and he was AWESOME...Dorian changed the sport that night! At 257 pounds with grainy conditioning he was unstoppable!
In 1994 there was a chink in his armor in the form of a torn left bicep. His conditioning was not what it had been in the past...but it was still among the best in the show. While Shawn Ray was in the shape of his life and just remarkably symmetrical and balanced, he was giving up close to 50 pounds to the reigning Mr. Olympia. They say you need to knock the Champ out...a philosophy I do not agree with...but in my opinion, Dorian was never even on the ropes or in need of a cut man! 
In 1995 it was very much a repeat on 1993. The competition was for 2nd place all the way.
In 1996 Dorian came in super shredded as usual, but he was in my estimation a bit on the flat side...not as full looking as before. Still, he was excellent and won the show convincingly.
The 1997 show gets hyped as being one of the most "controversial" Olympias ever! Right up there with 1980, 1981, 1990, 2001 and 2007. Of all the shows I just mentioned, I only think 2 were controversial...all of them CLOSE...but not controversial. And 1997 is NOT one of the two controversial shows. 

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Dorian had torn his left tricep just 3 weeks out of the show, and it was hanging on by a thread!! He was unable to train his upper body for the entire 3 weeks before the show!! I will talk more of that show shortly. Stay tuned! 

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