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Arya Saffaie IFBB PRO Olympian Talks about if he's natty or not

5 Février 2017 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

Arya Saffaie IFBB PRO Olympian

Arya Saffaie IFBB PRO Olympian

#mondaymotivation haters will say I'm not natty sh!t if I was using I'd be on a entire different level. But for me.. I love the fact that deep down in my heart I know everything ive earned on stage is nothing but my hard work, sacrifice, and a LIFE TIME of dedication. Would using help me place better in competition? probably.. but I enjoy the feeling knowing that the display of my physique is the real me with no help from enhancers. I don't need to wonder if I only do well because of drugs, and that feeling it's worth more than any victory, that's the same feeling that pushes me when I want to quit. When the pain from my training is telling my body to stop and quit, that is exactly the thought that I remind myself of and I keep going. I Respect anybody's choice to use what ever they want but it's just not for me. If you're a young bodybuilder and considering of going that way thinking it's the only way, I hope I can help show you that it's not. PATIENCE, TIME, and HARD WORK, will get you further than you can ever imagine. Trust yourself.. you got this #nothing#but #my #blood

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