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25 Motivational Ice Cube Quotes About Life

3 Février 2017 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

25 Motivational Ice Cube Quotes About Life

25 Motivational Ice Cube Quotes About Life


Ice cube is an amercian actor, rapper and film maker, his real name is O’Shea Jackson,  Ice cube name was given by his big brother when he was about eleven or twelve, because he was so cool.

Check out our latest list about Ice Cube quotes about life.

  1. You better check yo self, Before you wreck yo self
  2. Came In For An ice cube quote, only saw some other stupid quote from a horrible artist. Left with no hope for humanity.
  3. Nothing wrong with being from the hood, but i’d rather my kids be visitors than residents.
  4. I don’t want to get rich And Die tryin.
  5. I do what i do. You like it, great. You don’t, go listen to somebody else. I’m sticking with people who stuck with me
  6. Just waking up in the morning, gotta thank GOD
  7. Daddy said « Let’ em hang and cut ‘em like it’s butter mayne »
  8. I’m a menace to society, but girls in biker shorts are so fly to me. After the date, i’mma want to do the wild thing… ; You’re talking lobster ? I’m thinking burger king »
  9. I think, to me, reality is better than being fake
  10. If you think about stuff that happened when you were young, it stay with you forever.
  11. I’am only 33, i’ve got a lot to do. This is the first half of my career. I’m looking forward to the future and i’m proud about the past.
  12. Truth is the ultimate power. When the truth comes around, all the lies have to run and hide.
  13. The worst thing you can do about a situation is nothing.
  14. I think people, if you really want to be happy, you have to find god yourself, and you’re going to have a personal, one-on-one relationship and not look to get through these traditions or these rituals and all this crazy stuff when you could talk to him right here, right now, anytime, anywhere, any place, from any position. And that’s the kind of relationship you want. Not a standard.
  15. I believe our society has fell into a pyramid system where there’s people relegated to the bottom of that pyramid and there’s people that feel like they’re entitled to the top of that pyramid.
  16. I was given the name by my brother when i was about eleven or twelve years old. He was older than me, and around that age i was starting to get into girls, and when they would call the house for him, and when he was not there, i would try to talk to them. I was trying to be the man and trying to get them to come and see me, not worrying about him. When he found out… he started calling me Ice Cube as a joke because he said i was trying to be too cool. I just liked it and started telling everybody in the hood « My name is Ice Cube »
  17. Doing it your own way, not having to go exactly by the book to be succesful
  18. You wanna be remembered for making an impact and changing things. I guess for the good or for the bad, it don’t matter. But i guess you just wanna be remembered when it’s all said and done
  19. I know that there are obstacles ; i know that there are hills to climb, iknow there were people before me that made my journey easier and there are people behind me that i have made the journey easier for.
  20. I always say the movie came out good if they want another one. That always tells me that people really liked the movie.
  21. I love music. It’s freedom, a way to deal with pent-up frustration
  22. You can measure films on box office success, or people loving the movie whenever they see it. That’s what o measure my movies on. How much people love these movies after they get a chance to see them, no matter how they get a chance to see them.
  23. Ice Cube is the piece of me that i give away to the public.
  24. It was just funny to me that some of our leaders would take that much time and energy to dismiss something that was loved by so many of our people.
  25. When you are cold, surrenderand die to the heat of the heart.

So, That was our list of Ice Cube Quotes, to give a boost to your mood, and don’t forget to share them with your friends on social media.



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