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Best 10 Whey Protein Supplements

26 Juin 2016 , Rédigé par Admin

Best whey protein

Best whey protein

Most of Bodybuilders and endurance sports insist to consume a protein source, Where the quality is impeccable, In this Regard, whey protein supplements are the best protein source for them, and for anyone who want to have a high protein portion in his or her diet program, and the best way for muscle development or recovery.

1# 100% whey gold standard

Recognized for several years in the dietary supplement market as the benchmark in its class, 100% whey Gold standard from optimum nutrition is made of hydrolyzed milk 90%.

isolates are purest and most expensive protein whey existing on the market as a dietary supplement. It is also for this reason that it is the first ingredients listed on the label of the 100% whey gold standard.

For one scoop from 100% whey gold standard (32gr), you can get

100 Calorie

2g fat

1g saturated fat

2g of carbon hydrates

1g sugars

25 mg (8%) Cholesterol

22g (44%) protein

170 mg calcium

2% Sodium 55 mg

3 mg potassium

2# Muscletech phase 8

Muscletech Phase 8 is a rich bled of pure protein designed to feed muscles for 8 hours! Better than Muscletech NitroTech which is a protein with a fast diffusion.

About Muscletech phase 8 diffusion is medium, since it is far than casein.

The Musclethech Phase 8 Is ideally made to stimulate awareness of muscles dry! But also gain physical strength and muscle recovery to get the best possible!

MuscleTech Phase 8

By taking one scoop of Muscletech phase 8 (42g) you get:

150 calories

2g Fat

26g Protein

7g Carbohydrates

1g Fiber

0g sugar

4.6 Mixture of amino acids

2.2g Glutamine

3# Instant whey

Instant whey is a whey Formula still containing 90% whey isolates and concentrates 10% of the highest quality currently available. Instant whey is extracted from collected directly at low temperature to produce a skimmed milk whey containing more than 160% in addition to cystine and 16% of leucine in addition, relative to the other whey market.

By taking 25g from Instant whey you get:

  1. Fat

0.4g saturated fatty acids

0.3g Monounsaturated

04g Polyunsaturated

1.6g Carbohydrate

1g of which sugars

0.4g Fibers

20g Protein

0.11g Salt

0.05g Equivalent sodium

50mg Digestive enzymes

4# Jym pro whey

As the other whey proteins, JYM provide you a high quality whey called “Pro Jym”.

Pro gym is made from casein, whey isolate and egg white protein, these ingredients give him a grat value, and being one of the best anabolic protein powder.

By serving 24g of Pro gym you get:

12.5g Of micellar casein

9g of whey protein

2.5g of egg white protein

5# True Whey

True whey is the best whey supplement for thos who want to get lean mass without fat gain.

True whey is made from whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate with small amount of carbohydrates, and without any sugar amount,an he’s rich in BCAA’s (the Building blocks of protein), For a good muscle fixation.

By serving 25g from True Whey, you get:

409kj of energy

18.7g Of protein

1.7g of carbs

1.5g of which sugars

1.6g fat

0.1g of salt

6# BSN Syntha 6

Syntha 6 from BSN is made from a mixture of proteins, faster or lower, to help you to maintain high levels of amino acids over long time intervals.

Syntha 6 is a dietetic food, to take day and night with 6 premium quality protein, BCAA’s, nonessential amino acids with chain triglycerides of medium, with protein enzymes for increased efficiency.

By serving one scoop of Syntha 6, you get:

200kj of calories

6g Total dry

2g saturated fat

60mg of cholesterol

13g Carbohydrates

5g Dietary fiber

2g sugar

23g of protein

100mg Calcium

100mg Phosphor

7# Dymatize Elite 100 whey

Dymatize Elite provide you his 100% whey for those who want to maintain or increase muscle mass.

100% whey from dymatize Elite is made from a perfect mixture between whey isolate and protein ion exchange, and whey concentrate, without the addition of sugar, fructose, carbohydrate or salt.

By serving one scoop of Dymatize Elite 100% whey, you get:

469kj of Energy

22g protein

1.5g of oily materials

8# Musclepharm Combat Powder

Combat powder provided from Musclepharm, it’s a perfect source of protein bled for good digestion, fat or slow, for muscle recovery or development, used by most MMA fighters, and kickboxing fighters.

Combat powder it’s mixture of Isolate whey protein, egg protein for high amount of arginine and Bcaa, protein partially hydrolyzed, micellar casein, and whey concentrate, and glutamine.

By serving one scoop from Combat powder you get:

20 calories from fat

2.5g total fat

1.5g saturated fat

110mg Cholesterol

140mg Sodium

160mg Potassium

4g Carbihydrates

1g Dietary fiber

25g protein

17% calcium

2% iron

9# Cellucor cor whey

As all whey proteins, Cellucor cor whey it’s a great protein source, is made from a whey concentrate, whey isolate, and protease enzyme, lactase too, and BCAA’s. these ingredients provide you Cellocor cor whey, for fast muscle recovery and development.

By serving one scoop of cellucor cor whey, you get:

120 calories

1.5g Total fat

1g saturated fat

25g protein

3g Carbohydrates

2g Fiber

1g Sugars

10# Arnold series iron whey

Arnold iron whey has been developed by MusclePharm in collaborations with the bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwaezenegger.

Arnold iron whey is perfect protein source for easy digestion and rapid dissolution, to get lean muscle, improves muscle building, energy production and muscle recovery.

By serving one scoop of Arnold iron whey, you get:

120 Calories

9 Calories from fat

1g total fat

1g saturated fat

30mg Cholesterol

160mg sodium

225mg potassium

6g total carbohydrate

1g dietary fiber

3g sugars

22g Protein

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