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Bodybuilding Word

How To gain muscle Fast!

4 Mars 2016 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

How To gain muscle Fast

How To gain muscle Fast

Earn pounds by following these tips to feed your muscles. Whether it is for those who just start bodybuilding or for frequent practitioners who have trouble gaining muscle, our food menu to save volume will give you results. Before turning to food and menus themselves (what to eat and the quantities recommended), let's review the basic principles of making mass when one wants to grow his muscles.

Often eat: 5-6 times daily

You can not gain quality mass, ie muscle with minimal fat, if you simply three or four meals a day as you would swallow huge amounts of protein and carbohydrates each time. Result, bloating, poor digestion and accumulation of superfluous adipose tissue hide your muscles.

To feed your muscles while avoiding taking fat, it is important to optimize the absorption of nutrients by dividing your total intake of 5 to 6 meals daily. Smaller food intakes ensure steady supply of carbohydrates and protein, two essential ingredients to expand and repair muscle tissue.

healthy eating

Choose lean protein quality and diversify the sugars, eat fruit and vegetables. Program taking mass should not be synonymous with eating bad food quality. To gain muscle and not fat, limit the maximum prepared meals, fast food chains, etc..

Be listening to your hunger

Eat if you are hungry and do not skip meals. It will eat just about every three hours, but not empiffrez you with empty calories. Provide balanced to not be caught off guard when you have a craving food. If you really stomach "in heels", increase your intake a little carbs or healthy fats and think about a snack.

eat enough

It all comes down to calories. To save weight, energy inputs must be greater than the outputs.

Diets low in fat can inhibit the production of testosterone. Indeed, this hormone is produced through a special grease: cholesterol.

Do not say no to all fats. Salmon, olive oil, nuts and red meat in moderate quantities bring all kinds of lipids needed for good health.

If you do not win 500 g to 1 kg every 3-5 weeks, review your diet. Do you say 5-6 meals a day without missing any? Your protein portions are adequate? Check especially your carbohydrate servings. If your weight is unchanged, it may be because you eat too little sugar. Using up to 100-125 g of carbohydrates per day (400-500 kcal), you may be be promoting more muscle anabolism. Mirror and master tape will help you see if you win the muscle and not fat tissue. Increased waist probably indicates fat gain: in this case, reduce a little high-calorie foods and work out a little harder.

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