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How To do Curl Bar exercise

4 Mars 2016 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

How To do Curl Bar exercise

How To do Curl Bar exercise

The "curl bar" is the most effective exercise to develop their muscles and biceps. This is the exercise that can take heavier loads to make ground. To increase muscle size of your arms, perform the movement at the beginning of your strength training.


Stand with feet parallel width apart shoulders and turned slightly outward. Hold a bar at arm's length in front of the thighs, hands in supination (palm up) apart at about shoulder width.
Inhale slightly more than usual, hold your breath and go up the bar by bending your elbows.
During the rise of the load, keep the elbows stationary and tight against the body. Make sure your hands are in alignment with the forearm.
Bend your forearm at a moderate pace. Exhale late flexion. Pause briefly at the top of the movement (when the hands are at the height of the upper part of the chest).
Lower the bar by controlling it to return to the starting position, but do not go to full extension of the arms. Complete all repetitions.
Keep the torso upright throughout the year.

Training Tips

Adopt a supine taken to effectively develop the biceps and bracial. An overhand grip (palms down) significantly reduces the intervention of the anterior biceps.
Keep the vertical body, especially the bust. If the shoulders or are pulled back during the year is rounded, it reduces tension in the biceps. It is also likely to attack the spine if the forces involved become important.
For maximum stress the biceps and brac biceps, hold plated elbows constantly against the flanks. If you let them go forward during the rise of the load, there will be relaxation of the upper part of the biceps, which will reduce the tension and make the exercise easier.
If the bar is too heavy, you have to tighten the push with the pool at the start of the climb: muscle tension will be reduced and the risk of injury to the lumbar level will be greater. Use a load that allows you to exercise with strict technique to get the best results. If the load is excessive, the range of motion is found in limited and you can not reach out completely: this can be useful if you want to increase the curve of the biceps, but it is not if you aim a good inseparable muscle development work in full amplitude.

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