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Bulking up guide!

4 Mars 2016 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

Bulking up guide!

Bulking up guide!

Bulk up is an expression to say that we will eat more, to promote muscle gain. It is true that we train all year to gain muscle mass, it is the goal of bodybuilding. But the notion of mass is taken as a fattening period where the goal is to raise the weight up to once satisfied gains muscles, it will be on a more appropriate level of fat, keeping muscle .
For example, we read: "I made a ground for 6 months, from 60 to 72kg of body weight."
There are three inseparable factors to gain weight: nutrition, training and recovery. If one of the three factors is not optimal, the gains will be small or nonexistent.

In the case of taking weight, nutrition becomes even more important. Indeed, how gain mass if we do not supply sufficient power to the muscles?
During this period, you must accept to lose muscle definition to be able to gain a lot of muscle, although fat covering the abs.
Take fat free muscle, "muscle size" is entirely possible if you are overweight and we begin to bodybuilding. But for most, it must pass through a ground eating more than required and often.

The goal is to gain weight with minimal fat. You will grow, but at the same time your performance should improve. The ideal time for taking mass is winter, you can eat and hide the fat under your clothes! To help you prepare your meals or menus, see: What to eat to the Ground?

Taking mass expressed as morphotype

The 3 main morphotypes are met: endomorph for the biggest and most fats, liquid crystal for the most muscular ectomorph type and for the thinnest body type. Generally, you do not meet these three types in a pure form but in various combinations (Meso-ecto, Ecto-endo etc). This classification is very simplified theoretical and should not prevent you from practicing this sport. It is given for informational purposes only.

Type endomorph easily takes the weight. It has a small frame, a round aspect, sloping shoulders, broad chest, neck, short legs and wide hips.
The liquid crystal type is best suited to bodybuilding. It has a large frame, little excess fat and well-developed muscles, chest and broad shoulders.
The ectomorph type is meanwhile unsuited to bodybuilding. It is characterized by long bones, fine-boned, little fat, a thin structure, with a neck and long legs, short trunk, hips and narrow chest. It hardly takes weight even by eating a lot.

Based on its morphological type, it will focus its training and diet:
The mesomorph can train heavy and do a large volume of training, eating what he wants but without exaggeration not to take too much fat.
The ectomorph must avoid excessive lead because of overtraining and if he wants to eat a lot bigger.
The endomorph should always monitor your diet and be able to practice more strength exercises including cardio training.

The key to making mass points!

Here are the important points that you should observe to ensure your intake mass goes well:
1 - The work will be heavy weight, with the bar and weights, focusing on compound exercises. Avoid isolation and prefer exercises like the squat and deadlift, and the rowing prints, developed and dips exercises. They will bring you more as the years mono-articular muscle gains.
Indeed, working his biceps with 10 sets of isolation will have little impact on decision overall muscle mass compared to rowing or chin-ups, which develop enormous biceps, back, lower back and shoulders. You should also know that the more muscle you work, the more anabolic reaction is stronger and you will be able to gain muscle.

2 - It will limit the duration of the session and do not exceed 1:30 workout, including warm-up. Short and intense workouts give more results than long sessions of low-intensity strength training with too many unnecessary series that will lead to muscle catabolism, fatigue, nervous system see overtraining.
3 - For power, it will often eat every 3 hours! Traditional three meals and three snacks will be sufficient. Indeed, this food overload is necessary for the body to react. We must therefore eat more often, increase the quantities and swallow excess calories that will put your body in good condition to the muscle.
Supplements are not necessary but can help you. Note that they should not replace meals but supplement the diet.

4 - An often overlooked factor is the recovery. It should be enough rest for recovery and muscle growth to occur. Allow time for the muscles to recover out of the meeting and therefore sleep as much as your schedule allows.

5 - Another aspect can undermine your decision mass but has nothing to do with muscle. It is your mindset. It should be right in the head to be good in your body. If you are experiencing stress, worry, overwork or depression, it will be very bad for your ground.

How to determine your calorie intake?
To begin, we must estimate the number of calories you expend each day to stay the same weight. For this, use this calculation calorie needs. Then simply just add more calories by eating a little more each meal or more often.

Consider the case of a practitioner 75Kg (me for example) who sleeps 8 hours is a little physics 8 hours per day and weight lifting work. This provides 3150 kcal to stay the same weight. When taking mass must add extra calories about 500 or 600 kcal because I have a very fast metabolism. The total will be 3800 kcal per day to gain weight. Of course, it is only theoretical calculations and nothing beats practice.

Taking controlled mass!

For endomorph who are bold easily or mesomorphic wishing, it will grow up slowly to avoid taking bold. We will try to take about 1 kilo per month - mostly muscle - eating 200-300 kcal more than his needs. It is advisable to monitor her waist regularly, an indicator of fat gain. Taking too much waist compared to the rest of the measurements must be reduced caloric intake.

Grow at all costs to lean!

If it is thin it is often because we do not eat enough. In general, it is recommended to eat lean as ten and gorging on food to grow. Must still have an appetite and think about eating 5 or 6 times a day! But it is sometimes the only solution to finally get results.
Lean usually have the chance to eat what they want: sausage, chips, cakes, pounds of eggs, milk, red meat, whole baguettes, and day and night. If you take muscle with this type of feeding your body and supports it, it's all good.
In addition, any pounds of fat taken for taking mass will easily removed without great effort or deprivation, lowering caloric intake or eating normally.
If you do not support this type of power, it will then overeat without too much excess and healthier foods. The key is to go slowly and try to eat every day.

Here are some tips to help you at your food intake during weight:

1 - Increase your rations gradually. Start by adding a snack at your three daily meals. For example, ten hours or four hours, such as children. Snacks are more easily digested than a big hearty meal and are interesting if we can satiety quickly due to a small volume of stomach.
Do not drink too much eating to not fill the stomach with water. This is true especially if you have little appetite. To drink without food.

2 - Limit excess simple sugars and replace them with complex carbohydrates. For fat, limit yourself to about 25% of total calories. They eat a lot but relatively healthy, and always according to his abilities. A strength, stomach expands and you get used. Starches are friends and should be favored. Eat pasta, bread, rice and potatoes. The bread is really an interesting food especially since it does not sickened. Do not neglect fruits and vegetables. Although they provide few calories, they contain fiber, vitamins and minerals essential for muscle growth.

3 - Do not forget that the intensive training that will stimulate your appetite, not only after but also meeting the next day. Therefore unnecessary gorging without cause unless we want to take that fat, which is not recommended for health.

4 - Supplements such as gainers, carbohydrate, protein and calories, can be useful and practical for the ectomorph who are desperate to be thin. One or two glasses of gainers with milk, plus three good traditional meal usually sufficient to trigger weight gain. But solid food remains and must remain the basis.

This is not because they are told that skinny ectomorph is poorly suited to bodybuilding should not train and demoralize. As a natural athlete, you can expect an average gain from October to December pounds the first year if you start from a very low level. Stay motivated!

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