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A Guide to the Testosterone BodyBuilding Supplement

4 Mars 2016 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord

Testosterone BodyBuilding Supplement

Testosterone BodyBuilding Supplement

What is Testosterone? Testosterone is a hormone, which is present in both male and female but more prominent in men. This hormone is responsible for the male characteristics such as the deep voice, aggressiveness, sexual drive, confidence and muscles. It is present in the testicles in men and ovaries in women. Because of its potency, the testosterone body building supplement has been used by many bodybuilders.

Body building affects many parts of your body, due to which body building supplements were created to nourish, replenish and boost where necessary. Testosterone deficiencies are a common occurrence in body builders, due to which testosterone body building supplements were created to be taken as prescribed by the doctor only.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone
The common symptoms of low testosterone will cause lack of strength, energy and loss of body muscle, which is fatal for a body builder. Another common symptom of low testosterone is not being able to lose body fat, which is extremely uncommon with male body builders.

Mood swings are affected too by testosterone levels, often leaving you feeling low and depressed. Men can see a testosterone deficiency as soon as 25-30 years old in some cases; therefore, age is not a factor in this case.

Testosterone BodyBuilding Supplements

There are a vast number of testosterone body building supplements on the market today out of which some are contra indicated for teenagers. Due to this fact, you must never prescribe yourself the type of testosterone supplement you should take. Always consult a doctor who will perform all required tests necessary for determining the cause of your symptoms and the type of testosterone body building supplement you should be prescribed.

Here are few commonly used testosterone supplements: Eurycome Longfolia, 6-OXO, 17-HD (this particular testosterone supplement is known to be used by younger men and even teenagers who suffer from such deficiencies), and Vilaroid. There are many other testosterone supplements available. However, none of them should be experimented with without the prior doctor’s consultation. Some of these testosterone supplements react differently on each different metabolism and body type, due to which an expert opinion and guidance is required at all times.


Body building is a profession that will change your life forever even after you have retired from this sport. Maintaining supplements and regular exercising will need to continue for life. However, it is hard to think that a body builder will suffer from keeping up a balanced diet and having to exercise regularly in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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