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Bodybuilding Word

Strength Training Exercise

2 Septembre 2014 , Rédigé par BodybuildingWord Publié dans #Training

Strength Training Exercise

Intro to Strength Training exercise

Strength training exercises are classified into two categories: body weight exercises or exercises without equipment loads. These charges are free (dumbbells, bar weights, kettlebell) or guided. The guided loads are better for beginners to build muscles quickly without injury.


resistance exercise with and without equipment Push-up squatting cladding bench Deadlift Fire hydrant Donkey Kicks Burpee Dips Crunch Rowing Sit-up pull over Chair and board


succeed push-up in bodybuilding is the aim of this feasible at home learning program. Exercise traction ensures rapid strengthening of the back, at the latissimus dorsi muscle and teres major, and arms biceps. It can be performed with a barbell or machine dependent guidée.traction resistance exercise pump

Pumps are excellent for bodybuilding upper rapid and complete body (chest, triceps and serratus); pumps require no equipment, they can be executed partoutpompes resistance exercise.


The squat legs apart is a training exercise for the legs that occurs as the classic squat. The difference lies in the spacing of the legs to an angle of 90 degrees. The tips of the feet must be turned outwards significantly to solicit groin so intense.squat resistance exercise


Make cladding strengthens the deep abdominal isometric contraction. It can be complicated by reducing support to the feet and upper limbs and making them unstable. A program cladding will benefit by doing five sets of five stand for thirty seconds to a minute, recovery being 30 seconds between each posture. The ease of implementation of this exercise allows to consider 2 or 3 training hebdomadaires.musculation in cladding.


The bench is perfect for a quick bodybuilding pecs. There are at least five variants of the bench to specifically strengthen some muscle bundles. For example, the target close hands developed stress on the central portion of the layer resistance exercise pectorauxdeveloppe


The deadlift is one of three basic movements for training for powerlifting. This is just a load lifted from the ground to force the thighs, glutes, lats and lower back and bring in the pelvis and then the rest on the floor without lacher.souleve earth resistance exercise

Fire hydrant

The training exercise called Fire hydrant and also pictorially dog pees. It is an exercise in weight of hip abduction body. Its realization door effort on the gluteus medius. It provides round buttocks. Scripts with ankle will increase the intensity and accelerate the results if an increase in the amount of training (number of repetitions and length of recovery time) has been respectée.exercice bodybuilding Fire Hydrant

Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks simulates a kick backwards and upwards. It is therefore also called kick the mule. it's an exercise in body weight that muscle mainly the gluteus maximus. It is therefore an extension of the leg up that can be executed with ankle. This is a perfect exercise for the buttocks bombéesexercice bodybuilding Donkey Kicks


The burpee is a strength training exercise in body weight. To achieve this it is necessary to chain correctly without stopping: simultaneous flexion of both legs, laying both hands on the ground, a short stint in support arms outstretched to stretch the legs backwards, simultaneously squat and vertical jump in air complète.burpee extension resistance exercise in body weight


The back dips or pump is a training exercise for the arms, but especially for triceps, and more generally for the entire upper corps.dips resistance exercise


The crunch is an exercise weight to body weight for abs vertebral winding. It can be done with or without bench and target effort on major rights abdominaux.crunch resistance exercise


The rowing (rowing in English) invites especially the latissimus dorsi, teres major and trapezius muscles. It must be run strictly in keeping the back right not to blesser.rowing resistance exercise

Sit up

The sit up is a test of core strength requesting abdominal muscular endurance. But this exercise has drawbacks: holding the feet of the performer hip flexors are very active, which can mask the true level of endurance abdominaux.sit up resistance exercise


The sweater bodybuilding develops the pectoralis major, the long head of the triceps, the teres major, latissimus dorsi and secondarily large serrated, the rhomboids and the small pectoral.pull over resistance exercise

Chair and Board

These two tests Muscle tone thighs and trunk to evaluate possible 5 levels according to the duration of maintaining the posture....

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