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What you Should know About BCAA!

14 Août 2014 , Rédigé par Admin Bodybuilding Publié dans #Supplements

What you Should know About BCAA!

BCAAs are branched amino acids that can be distinguished by their molecular structure into a string. The amino acids themselves are chemical compounds which form proteins. When you consume proteins, they are decomposed into amino acids by digestion to be absorbed by the body. 22 different amino acids that make up proteins in all living things (with some exceptions) there are.
Among these amino acids are therefore the BCAA: leucine, valine and isoleucine. These three amino acids alone account for one-third of muscle protein and can not be manufactured by the body, only the power supply can provide the body.
At this level, we can already sense the interest of BCAA for athletes.

But besides their strong muscular presence, BCAAs have an anabolic role of regulation. This is partly due to the presence of leucine, anabolic interest which is the most powerful, but that requires isoleucine and valine to produce a sustained action. In addition, leucine is an amino acid rare as to be oxidized to be used as fuel by the muscles. So a dual interest.

The effects of BCAA


BCAAs are capable of causing a powerful anabolic response. Research says, taking a BCAA around a drive increases anabolism where it is much lower for applicants who received placebo. This anabolic effect is very interesting for athletes since it is by anabolism that will build muscle and recovery is to be accomplished. An athlete has every interest to seek anabolism to increase muscle mass and performance over the long term.

Protein synthesis

BCAAs have also the ability to enhance protein synthesis. That is thanks to a power BCAA, the body's ability to recycle and use proteins will be better. This results in less waste and protein greater assimilation. This action is particularly interesting since the proteins will be better used and can be fixed more easily in muscles. We deduce faster muscle building.

Energy and endurance

BCAAs may also be used to provide more energy to the muscles. The process starts with the production of alanine, a nonessential amino acid, from the BCAA. Alanine in turn will help create a pyruvic acid important in carbohydrate metabolism and the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the first muscle fuel. It is thus clear that taking BCAAs can promote energy production and bring more energy but also push the limits of fatigue. This mechanism of action is useful for both power athletes and endurance.


Catabolism is the inverse of anabolism. It is a metabolic condition in which the body tends to destroy the cells. BCAA consumption allows the body not to destroy muscle fibers to obtain new amino acids. With this, the integrity of muscles can be better preserved. Reducing catabolism and anabolism by promoting, BCAAs enable this balance of lean construction than cell destruction.

How to use BCAA?

As noted above, the BCAA have various positive effects. To get the best, you must know that the timing of the decision is important. Depending on the time period of your catch, the objective of this supplementation will be different.
It is possible to distinguish two phases if you are practicing bodybuilding.

The dry phase

During this period, the main purpose is to preserve as much muscle while losing fat. But for this, the practitioner needs to reduce its number of calories which leads to reduced performance and muscle loss. BCAAs are then all given during the session to avoid loss of energy, which will maintain respectable performance, thus avoiding the same as the body gets rid of unnecessary muscles. Taking BCAA is also possible during the day to avoid catabolism.

The phase of mass uptake

During this period, the goal is building muscle. For that, you have to train intensely and promote anabolism. BCAAs can be taken during and around the drive to create an anabolic environment and prevent catabolism. They will also provide extra energy during the session and a better recovery. Thus, the meetings may be linked together more easily and muscle building will be easier.


It is of course possible to consume BCAAs in an endurance training goal. Consumed during the workouts, which can be long, BCAAs protect muscle integrity. Consumed after the session, BCAA allow better recovery. The practitioner can then take the opportunity to increase his workload.
In what form?
You should know that BCAAs are available in powder form but also in the form of capsules.
The capsules are convenient but it is necessary to pay attention to dosage. Some products are under-dosed, it is mandatory to swallow many capsules to get the proper dosage. The other drawback is the price. In this form, it is much higher.
The powder is most affordable pecuniary point of view but has the disadvantage of a bitter taste that can discourage the user. Use of a sweetener can then help. Some brands also incorporate already in their products. Of course, the price is then higher than the natural taste of BCAA.

At what dosage?

When used around the drive, the BCAA can be consumed at doses ranging from 5 to 10 grams, before, during and after the session. When used outside of the session can be divided about 5 grams of BCAAs during the day. It is of course possible to adopt both approaches, such as dry phase we can take 5g BCAA before, during and after the session and additional 5g spread over the day.
A normal and healthy subjects dosages, BCAAs are no problems or side effects. Over consumption can nevertheless cause stomach upset, bring competition in the absorption of other amino acids and cause increased blood levels of ammonia, a substance that can be toxic.


Although optional, BCAA supplementation appears to be interested when you want to optimize the recovery and muscle mass. On the canvas as in theaters, comments from users of this type of supplement are also quite positive. The limiting factor is the price if taken in capsules; powder version will allow to circumvent this problem.
With whey protein and creatine, BCAAs are among the most interesting supplements when weight training is practiced. Finally, we remind you that gorging supplements is useless if you do not have a good diet and proper training.



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