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Beginner Bodybuilding Program!

1 Août 2014 , Rédigé par Admin Bodybuilding Publié dans #Training

Beginner Bodybuilding Program!

Intro To Beginner bodybuilding program

Here you are finally ready to tackle a real program and we will help you.
In the world of bodybuilding, there are two approaches to the implementation of a training program.
There are those who prefer to work full-body, that is to say, exercise the whole body during the workout session. For this, they are 2 or 3 full sessions per week. Others prefer to work in Split routine, that is to say, divide and distribute the exercises over several sessions. For example, back Monday, Tuesday chest, thighs Wednesday, Friday and Saturday shoulders biceps and triceps.
In general, it offers a split program when you start weight training room, but it is not a good choice. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you work in full body.
Beginners often make the mistake of copying drive Champions bodybuilding program or movie stars, found in bodybuilding magazines or on the internet.

It is natural to think that the Arnold Schwarzenegger Ronnie Coleman or program is at the top as they are extremely muscular and titrated. But in most cases, these programs do not suit you.

These are often endless splits that contain too many exercises and isolations sets for each muscle group. To give you an example, we can cross sessions for triceps 18 sets!
These types of programs are unsuitable for beginners, too heavy and too infrequent to grow properly. Instead, they cater to advanced practitioners, endowed see doped.

I'm not saying that you do not will progress with, but it is more suitable for a beginner to make a program that works the whole body during the session, and several times a week.

Full-body fitness program

Here is the full-body program to gain muscle mass, designed for beginners who work the entire body. Bodybuilding program to perform 2-3 times per week 2-3 months. Work, either with free weights or machines. Rest time between sets set at 1 minute.

Bench press: 4 * 12 (4 sets of 12 reps) - Chest, shoulders, triceps.
Push up: 4 * 12 - Lat biceps.
Developed vertical: 4 * 12 - Shoulders, triceps.
Squat: 4 * 12 - Thighs, buttocks, lower back.
Crunch: 4 * 10 - Abs.

After a general warm-up of ten minutes on a cardio, you can attack the program beginning with light 2 sets of 20 repetitions of heating (2 * 20) bench.
Then, in subsequent years, 1 warm-up set (1 * 15) will be sufficient.

As reciprocating the bench press, you can make dips, before the draw to replace the pull of developed dumbbells instead of developed and vertical leg press squat if not couvient or if you simply have not the hardware.
This bodybuilding program has been tested successfully by many people on the forum, and will give you good results. Rest assured, it contains enough exercises and series; there is no need to add more. In bodybuilding, you must focus on quality over quantity. Just make sure you progress from one session to another on these basic exercises and the results will be at the rendezvous.

Tips for the program

You can see that no charge is indicated. You will start with a load you master. Then you gradually add weight as and measuring progress.
See the foundations of the drive section to learn how to level formats, series and repetitions.

As you may become seen, there is no isolation exercises for the arms. Beginners do not need to work specifically arms because most exercises program already indirectly solicit. For example, pulls mobilize the back but also the biceps; the bench or triceps dips also seek the back of the arm.
In short, the labor arm is optional.
Nevertheless, we offer the following program including arm, and for those who still want to work specifically and focus on the arms:

Bench press: 4 * 12 - Chest, shoulders, triceps.
Traction: 4 * 12 - Lat biceps.
Developed vertical - Shoulders, triceps.
Curl bar: 3 * 10 - Biceps.
Front bar: 3 * 10 - Triceps.
Squat: 4 * 12 - Thighs, buttocks, lower back.
Crunch: 4 * 10 - Abs.

And after?
After 2 or 3 months, and a few pounds of muscle, you can diversify your full-body program to continue to grow, or possibly change the type of routine (split, half-body ...).
We offer a full-body program advanced over 3 days, a half-body 4-day program, a split program beginners, advanced split, a split in pyramidal and also a high body program for those who want to work only chest.


For those who have no or very little equipment, we offer a fitness without equipment or method Lafay program, as well as the famous and popular program with two dumbbells.

Food Beginner

We recommend that you read the section bodybuilding nutrition to learn the basics of nutrition and know what to eat, including the article on the Ground if you need to gain weight and lose weight and dry if your goal is to lose of pounds.

The supplements used in the practice of bodybuilding does not concern you, because as a beginner you will progress tremendously.

Beginner bodbuilding

Beginner bodbuilding

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